Rediscover Daft Punk

Sat, 29th July : A Guided Listening Session

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29th July, 2023 (Saturday)


4:00pm to 7:00pm


₹ 599 (All Proceeds Go Towards Charity)

About Rediscover Daft Punk

Rediscover Daft Punk, is an electrifying guided listening session that pays homage to the iconic music and groundbreaking artistry of the legendary duo. Step into a world where the infectious beats, futuristic sounds, and mesmerizing visuals of Daft Punk come to life. Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply curious about their extraordinary journey, join us on this immersive experience where we dive deep into their discography, explore their creative process, and celebrate their lasting impact on the music industry. Get ready to groove, reminisce, and rediscover the magic of Daft Punk like never before.

Who is it for?

People who love Daft Punk's music in general. Headphone Zone Experiences and our listening sessions are curated for anyone looking to discover new music or rediscover the music you've loved for years. These events are best suited for people who are new to the world of audiophilia or just starting in the hobby. Of course, seasoned audiophiles are welcome to join in as we listen to our favourite artists on some of the finest-sounding gear in the world.

About Headphone Zone Listening Sessions

Music isn't ever meant to be experienced alone. It is so much more powerful when shared. We’ve had the chance to listen to our music on some of the best sounding headphones in the world and we wanted to share what that feels like with you. Think of your favourite artist, and a song you’ve heard hundreds of times before. We promise to deliver those riffs, percussions, bass lines and solos that were always there, but were never heard.

Headphone Zone's Guided Listening Sessions are carefully curated by music geeks and hosted by audiophiles, that bring together India's most passionate and discerning music listeners with one simple aim - to Rediscover music.

Meet your host: Karan Soni

Karan Soni is a Music Producer, Composer, DJ and Content Writer with a keen interest in Electronic Music. Karan has been following the electronic music scene since the mid-2000s and adding rare gems into his collection. Karan’s taste consists of a whole spectrum of electronic music and its sub-genres, and his passion for music is just as strong now as it was back then.

Experience the World's Finest Headphones

Experience the entire listening session on the world's finest collection of Headphones, Amplifiers and DAC's featuring gear from brands such as Audeze, Astell&Kern, Burson Audio, Cayin, Chord Electronics, Dan Clark Audio, EarMen, Focal, Final Audio, Gustard, Hifiman, Meze Audio, Sennheiser, STAX, Woo Audio.

We’re Bang In The Heart Of Bollywood

The Headphone Zone Experience Studio is right in the heart of the Bollywood district of Mumbai, Andheri. We’ve build this space, bang in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the maximum city. A space where you can blast your open-backs at 100% and won’t be frowned upon for sound leakage. We’ve got Mumbai’s finest craft breweries next door, and venues for the best live music. Within walking distance are 27 resto-pubs, excellent fine-dining restaurants, and uncountable street eateries. We’re not guaranteeing this is the ultimate day out, but its definitely worth the ride.

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In Support of The Silent Olympiad

100% of Proceeds go to Charity.

We're going to be listening to music like you've never heard before. But spare a thought for those who can't hear at all. All proceeds from this event go to support the Silent Olympiad, a beautiful sport and cultural event for children with hearing and speech impairment.

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