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oBravo - Cupid Planar Magnetic In-Ears Sale price₹ 18,999 Regular price₹ 24,999

oBravo was established in 2006, dedicated to the research and development of audio systems. Professionally focusing on technological advances in audio speakers, computer speakers and Apple accessories. oBravo is renowned for its high end, luxury, boutique earphones and headphones that provide the user with unique technology and exceptional build quality. oBravo is a high-tech provider of transducer technologies, that raise the standard for earphones and headphones.

The foundations of what oBravo is built, are based on a simple concept - “Listening to music is enjoying the journey, the audio system is merely a tool to do it with”. oBravo is dedicated to its core values of professional excellence, design, innovation, high quality, attitude and change. oBravo was the first brand to launch an earphone with a planar magnetic tweeter, and they were the first to introduce an earphone featuring their incredibly advanced AMT tweeter. Many believe that the latter produces the most accurate level of detail from any headphone or earphone currently on the market.

Now, after spending twelve years of research and development, oBravo has not only been selected for the iF Design Award in Germany but won the award of “Best general earbuds and in-ear headphones of the year” from several influential forums, thus establishing its reputation on the international earphone market. In the future, oBravo aims to continue to improve on different aspects of audio technology so that it can bring you the true beauty and the soul of music.
OBravo Cupid