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Moondrop - VOID Open-Back Headphone
₹ 14,999
Usual Price: ₹ 16,999 ₹ 19,999
Moondrop - Aria In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 7,690 Regular price₹ 8,999
Moondrop - Blessing 3 In-Ears With 2 DD + 4BA Drivers Sale price₹ 29,990 Regular price₹ 31,999
#type_Without Mic#type_Without Mic
Moondrop - Chu In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale priceFrom ₹ 1,690 Regular price₹ 2,199
Moondrop - JIU In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 2,190 Regular price₹ 2,499
Moondrop - Super Spaceship Pulse (SSP) In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 3,499 Regular price₹ 3,999
Moondrop - Super Spaceship Reference (SSR) In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 3,499 Regular price₹ 3,999
Moondrop - LAN In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 3,490 Regular price₹ 3,999
Moondrop - DropletMoondrop - Droplet
Moondrop - Droplet In-Ear With USB-C Termination Sale price₹ 4,999 Regular price₹ 5,499
Moondrop - Aria Snow Edition In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 7,990 Regular price₹ 8,999
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Moondrop - STELLARIS Planar Magnetic In-Ears Sale price₹ 9,990 Regular price₹ 12,999
Moondrop - KATO In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 17,890 Regular price₹ 19,999
Moondrop - Variations In-Ears With 1 DD + 2 BA + 2 EST Drivers Sale price₹ 49,999
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Moondrop - Venus Planar Magnetic Open Backs Sale price₹ 45,990 Regular price₹ 59,999
Moondrop - CLICK Portable DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 1,999
Moondrop - MKI Plug Wire Control with Mic Earphone Cable 0.78mm 2-Pin OFC Cable With Mic Sale price₹ 1,499
Moondrop - Spring Tips Silicone Eartips (3 Pairs) Silica Gel Spring Eartips Sale price₹ 1,199 Regular price₹ 1,299
Moondrop - Earphone Filter Accessories For Chu/Aria Replaceable Filters Sale price₹ 199 Regular price₹ 499
Moondrop - KATO Nozzle Replaceable Acoustic Nozzle Sale price₹ 1,299
Moondrop - Moonriver 2: Ti Portable Balanced DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 17,999 Regular price₹ 18,999

MOONDROP emerged in 2015 and was started by a group of hobbyist engineers. MOONDROP initially was focused on developing small open earbuds in their early times and started to gain a reputation in the entry-level segment with their first earbud - VX. After the release of VX, MOONDROP continued with research in the unpopular field of earbuds and earned fame among fans and professionals with “Liebesleid” in 2017 and became a company known for developing, manufacturing and distributing high-performance earbuds. MOONDROP became so popular that they expanded and released in-ear monitors (IEM), including the earliest “IX” with unique design and sound, the “kanas” series, which are considered a benchmark for the price range and of course, the “Blessing”, “A8” and “Reference” which cemented MOONDROP as a premium IEM manufacturer.

After several years of constant improvement and efforts, MOONDROP has grown into a well-known brand with their development and manufacturing line, leading design theories, and complete supply and operating chain. MOONDROP always strives to synthesise new technologies into its product, development processes and materials to redefine their limit. MOONDROP invests a lot to explore new possibilities to obtain better performance from new technologies and materials and doesn't infuse any new things into their product to follow a trend. Over the years, MOONDROP has released several critically acclaimed earphones and IEM like the MOONDROP Starfield and MOONDROP Blessing2. Both the MOONDROP Starfield and MOONDROP Blessing2 are a result of years of research and a testament to the brand's expertise. MOONDROP earphones and MOONDROP IEM are found in many audiophiles collections.
MOONDROP Super Spaceship Pulse
MOONDROP Super Spaceship Reference
MOONDROP Starfield
MOONDROP Blessing 2
MOONDROP Spaceship