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Eartips for AirPods

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Eartips for AirPods
Comply - Foam Tips For AirPods ProComply - Foam Tips For AirPods Pro
Comply - Foam Tips For AirPods Pro Memory Foam Eartips Sale price₹ 2,499
SpinFit - CP1025 Upgrade Silicone Eartips Sale price₹ 990 Regular price₹ 1,499
SpinFit - SuperFine™ for AirPods Pro Upgrade Silicone Eartips Sale price₹ 1,199 Regular price₹ 1,399

Eartips are one of the essential part of an IEM, it changes the way they fit, it changes the way you’re IEM sound, and it changes the way they look. Ear tips are the interface between the earphone and your ear canal. Everybody’s ears are unique, and a particular ear tip may work better for you than others. Typically, a minimum of three sizes of ear tips are included with an earphone, but there can be multiple sizes and types. Eartips can also change aspects of the sound signature that you don’t like. So, besides providing a snug seal, Eartips should ideally give you some creative control over your sound.

Factors to consider while Eartips :
Material - Not all eartips are made equally, and every eartip serves a specific purpose and presents a peculiar fit. You get eartips in materials like Rubber, Silicone and Foam. You can choose a pair of Eartip based on your preference.
Types - There are mainly four types of eartips you can get your hands on. These are categorised as Standard, Bi-Flange, Triple-Flange and Wingtips. Standard are is typically pre-installed and are the lowest denominator of eartips. Bi-Flange is more invasive than traditional ear tips. Though they take some getting used to, they provide excellent sound isolation. Triple-Flange may feel like they’re excavating your ear canals (relative to standard tips), but they provide all the same benefits as bi-flange ear tips and isolate you even more from your surroundings. Wingtips are pretty much reserved for workout earbuds and are usually an optional add-on to the separate silicone ear tip.
Size - Aside from materials and Types, there are size variations to consider. For each style option available, you can typically find them in at least the usual small, medium, and large.