Dekoni Audio - Choice Earpads for Beyerdynamic DT Series Headphones

Choice Leather and Choice Suede Replacement Ear Pads

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Material: Choice Suede
Ships in 24 Hours
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Tenure available: 3, 6 and 9 months
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Transaction value: Available on all orders
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Uncomfortable Headphone + Dekoni Earpads =
Comfortable Headphones


AKG : K240, K240M, K240S, K241, K270, K270S, K280, K280 Parabolic
Astell & Kern : T5P
Beyerdynamic : Amiron, Custom One Pro, Custom Studio Pro, DT1770, DT1990, DT770, DT880, DT990, MMX300, T1, T5, T70, T90, TYGR 300 R
Enigma Acoustics : Dharma
Final Audio : Sonorous III
Razer : Kraken, Kraken Pro Tournament Edition
Thie Audio : Phantom


Dekoni Audio is the industry-leading headphone earpads replacement company. Dekoni Audio makes earpads that often outperform their counterparts, and they are available in multiple configurations for different applications and user preferences. Each replacement pad Dekoni Audio makes is specifically designed for the intended headphone model. So when you buy a pair of Dekoni Audio Choice series earpads you’re not just getting a replacement. You’re receiving a massive upgrade.



The Dekoni Audio Choice Series is made using premium quality material. The Choice Suede is made of soft and elegant synthetic suede and the Dekoni Audio Choice Leather is made of vegan synthetic leather. By using these superior materials, Dekoni made the earpad react more like a traditional material so that you don’t lose any audio or compromise on the isolation. All this is delivered while maintaining comfort. Dekoni Audio spent a lot of time designing and refining this earpad to be the most comfortable and best sounding.



Dekoni Audio offers their renowned earpads for the legendary Beyerdynamic DT series of headphones. Combining the two delivers you the best comfort and sound. Enjoy the Choice series pads on various Beyerdynamic models like Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro and Premium, DT1770 Pro, DT880 Pro and Premium, DT990 Pro and Premium, DT1990, T1, Amiron, T5p, Custom One Series to name a few.



Dekoni Audio Choice series earpads are designed in a manner that makes them easy to install on your headphones. The earpads use the same mounting method as the stock pads, utilising an elastic mounting ring to ensure easy installation and snug fit. These pads are the pride and joy of Dekoni Audio, boasting the widest range of compatibility in their lineup. Whether you’re in the studio, a DJ, a dedicated audiophile or a hardcore gamer, our pads offer you the comfort and noise isolation needed to make those extended listening sessions a joy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Saravanan Saravanan (Chennai)

Dekoni Audio - Choice Earpads for Beyerdynamic DT Series Headphones

Thank you for your amazing ratings!

Satish Suthar (Mumbai)
Wonderful, BUT not for everyone

Alright, received my pads today and I tried them on my Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus (same fit as DT series)

For context, I've listened to the music on these headphoness for about 7 years now, they're working flawlessly. I've used their included pleather pads as well as ordering replacement pads but this time they were velour (which I've been using for the past year and a half)
I wanted to go for something that's more comfortable and I kinda missed the pleather ones because they had the boosted bass to it and what's better than the original ones? Dekoni ofc!
Little did I know that I wouldn't like these pads but that's not a fault of the pads, these are hands down the most comfortable ear pads I've owned and felt, and it's not like they don't deserve your consideration, they really do. I'd pick them over the original Beyer's leather pads any day. But having said that, my issue with these is the sound that they changed, and boy was that a dramatic change.
I think velour ones kinda gave me the taste of the openness of the sound coming from your headphones since it's easier for the sound to escape through the pads than it is on leather/pleather ones.
And once you get a taste of how much more enjoyable that audio sounds, there's no going back. So immediately after putting these pads on and listening to music, everything sounded so much more muffled and muddied. I put my sliders down for the bass (a feature on Custom series of headphones), but that doesn't really help the soundstage, now you're compromising on the bass anyway that you wanted to boost in the first place. But that little boost to the bass in my opinion is NOT AT ALL worth it when you have to compromise on the soundstage and the openness of the music.
Things sound more lively with velour pads because in a closed back headphones like mine, that's all the help you can get, you can't just turn the headphones into open-back ones.

This brings me to the next point: I do think that these earpads are worth it if you're replacing from one leather pair (like the original ones) to another and if you want to maximize isolation and you don't mind the somewhat extra muddiness of your sound when you're putting them on a pair of closed-back headphones. But I do imagine that if you already have a pair of open-back ones like DT 990 PRO or DT 1990 Pro etc. then these may be a much more viable option since you're not closing off the whole space for the sound with them.

So I would give these earpads a 5/5 for what they're meant to be: extremely comfortable, premium feeling, great isolation, boosting some bass when you need it
But I would definitely say that they're more a situational choice and going for them depends on the individual.
I'm keeping these for my next purchase of DT 1990 Pro whenever that may be, till then I'll take them off and keep using my velour pads on my Custom One Pro and when I have some extra cash later on, I'll try getting Dekoni's Choice Suede for my cans instead.

TL;DR: Great pads in terms of comfort but they come at the cost of decreasing sound-stage especially in closed-back headphones, so do what you will with that information.

Aditya Ganesan (Manipal)
Increases isolation, but reduces soundstage a bit

Good for closed back headphones but stock velour pads are preferred for the open back ones.

We really appreciate the genuine feedback, we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well!

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