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SoundMAGIC - E11C Earphones With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale priceFrom ₹ 1,999 Regular price₹ 3,999
On Sale
Headphone-Zone-KZ- DQ6-SilverHeadphone-Zone-KZ- DQ6-Silver
KZ - DQ6 In-Ears With 3 DD Drivers
₹ 2,299
Usual Price: ₹ 2,499 ₹ 2,999
On Sale
Koss - KSC75Koss - KSC75 Headphone-Zone-
Koss - KSC75 Ear Clip Headphone
₹ 2,799
Usual Price: ₹ 2,990 ₹ 4,990
BLON - BL-03 In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 2,190 Regular price₹ 3,999
Moondrop - JIU In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 2,190 Regular price₹ 2,499
Headphone-Zone-Final Audio-E2000-Matt-BlackHeadphone-Zone-Final Audio-E2000-Matt-Black
Final - E2000 In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale priceFrom ₹ 2,499 Regular price₹ 2,999
KZ - ZES In-Ears With 1 DD + 1 EST Driver Sale price₹ 2,990 Regular price₹ 3,999
Headphone-Zone-KZ-ZEX-Pro-With Mic-BlackHeadphone-Zone-KZ-ZEX-Pro-With Mic-Black
KZ - ZEX Pro In-Ears With 1 DD + 1 EST +1 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 2,990 Regular price₹ 4,999
Sold out
Headphone-Zone-EPOS-PC 8 USBHeadphone-Zone-EPOS-PC 8 USB
EPOS - PC 8 USB Wired Headset With Microphone Sale price₹ 2,599 Regular price₹ 2,990
Sold out
KZ x Crinacle - CRN (ZEX Pro)KZ x Crinacle - CRN (ZEX Pro)
KZ x Crinacle - CRN (ZEX Pro) Tribrid Driver In-Ears Tuned By Crinacle Sale price₹ 2,790 Regular price₹ 4,999
Sony - MDR-XB55AP In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 2,290 Regular price₹ 2,490
KZ - D-Fi In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 2,390 Regular price₹ 3,399

As you go higher with your budget to buy a pair of headphones, earphones or earbuds, the overall quality of audio improves. The sound is clear, the bass punchier, and all the frequencies sound more coherent and don’t blend in. These are things you can expect from headphones in the price segment. Although this is clear, the task of finding the right pair for your needs can be daunting. The reason it can get confusing is the fact that in this segment you can opt for a wired earphone, wired headphones or even some wireless headphones, and each of them offers something over the other.

Some things to consider when looking for a headphone or earphones would be wearing comfort, design and mainly clean audio. Courtesy of advancements in technology and genres of music, headphones have transformed in terms of design and audio quality. If you plan to buy a new pair or upgrade to a decent one Under Rs. 3000, we at Headphone Zone have listed some of the best options available. Here, we have covered a few traditional headphones, IEMs and even wireless headphones.